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IPCopper USC10G3
Packet Capture Appliance



2x10GbE ports / 4xGbE ports / 24 TB / 10 Gbps peak capture speed / 5 Gbps minimum sustained capture speed at 6 million packets per second

Continuous packet capture with bypass and GPS

Inline and dedicated SPAN/mirror port modes; retrieve data by date/time and IP/MAC address

Full packet capture with timestamps: all headers and payloads

10-Gbps network appliance for troubleshooting, security monitoring, auditing and diagnostics. Automatic/manual bypass keeps your network humming even in the event the appliance loses power or malfunctions. Integrates with IPCopper's management and analytics server.


For additional data management and analytics features, the USC10G3 integrates with our management and analytics server, whose core functions include packet capture appliance management; data acquisition and aggregation; rule-based alert generation (both IP address and signature based); and multi-dimensional indexing and search.