Cybersecurity: Strategies and Techniques

Cybersecurity complacency

Data and network security spending is rarely at the top of any business purchaser’s list of items to buy. It doesn’t improve productivity, it doesn’t add to the bottom line, so they settle on the least they can get by with. Feeding into this complacency are several misconceptions:

It is precisely this mindset that hackers exploit. US businesses leapt into the Internet age, embraced its technology for exchanging information and increasing efficiencies, but gave little thought to its vulnerabilities. This type of approach is akin to engaging in a dangerous sport or activity, all the while convincing oneself that there is nothing nothing to be concerned about.

Still think you have nothing to be concerned about? Consider this: hack attacks have been increasing exponentially, with attacks targeting SMBs rising 61% in 2013. Worse, of those small businesses breached, 60% closed their doors within six months of the event. Even before today's polymorphic malware programs, state-sponsored hackers and darkweb clearinghouses for zero-day exploits and software vulnerabilities, the consensus among cybersecurity professionals has been that breaches are a matter of when, not if. In today's internet threat environment, ignorance is not bliss and you cannot hide in the crowd. It may not come today, it may not come tomorrow, but soon....

Are you prepared?

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