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Recording Internet Activity

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Recording Internet Activity

Organizations, businesses and information security professionals have many reasons to record internet and network activity, using network packet capture to:

  • Detect, substantiate and prevent electronic theft.
  • Improve network incident response times and outcomes.
  • Conduct network forensics.
  • Track netflow and network usage.
  • Monitor employee internet activity; investigate insider misuse.
  • Detect data leakage.
  • Test PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory compliance measures.
  • Check and verify firewall security.
  • Determine the scope and breadth of data stolen or compromised and associated liabilities, in the case of a breach.
  • Troubleshoot network problems.
  • Debug networking and computer equipment.

With ever-increasing use of the internet in business, government, education and other areas, network and data security are becoming greater concerns for professionals and organizations of any size. Even small businesses must take greater care with network security; hackers are more frequently targeting smaller businesses, which tend to have laxer security and fewer countermeasures against intrusions. When network security incidents occur, it is key to be able to accurately and completely reconstruct the steps that led to the breach itself as well as determine which equipment and information were compromised. Any business that handles personal and financial information of third parties must also be prepared to determine the scope of their liability, in the event those third parties' information is compromised or stolen.

Internet and Network Recording Appliances

When choosing a network recording device (a.k.a., packet capture appliance), consider several criteria:

  • Can the packet capture appliance record internet and network activity continuously?
  • Does the appliance record everything, including packet headers and payload?
  • What data speeds can the appliance handle?
  • What recording capacity do I need?
  • Can the appliance itself be hacked or bypassed?

The last is an important consideration — it makes no sense to capture your internet and network data, just to leave it easily exposed.

IPCopper packet capture appliances, the race car of packet capture appliances (up to four times faster than comparable appliances), fulfill these criteria handsomely at a fraction of the cost of the competition. With their high storage capacity, they provide months and years of continuous unfiltered recording. Gigabit recording speeds ensure high throughput without missing a beat. Additionally, IPCopper appliances' built-in security measures include 20,000 bit encryption and stealthy electronic footprints, meaning the internet and network recording appliances operate undetectably on a network, using neither an IP address nor a MAC address.

As with all security measures, network recording appliances prove most effective when put in place before a breach or incident occurs. Once an IPCopper packet capture is installed, should anything occur on your network, you will have the complete story, and the evidence, if necessary, to substantiate and prosecute data theft or other hacking activity.

Packet Capture

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Network Forensics

  • Network security and data analysis
  • Forensically analyze network events, such as security breaches
  • Identify and authenticate network user activities
  • Analysis of secure networks
  • Custom network security solutions
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