IPCopper Network Monitoring, Packet Capture & Analytics Products

IPCopper offers several products for monitoring, capturing, analyzing and controlling your network's activity, including four-in-one network monitors with real-time monitoring, packet capture, firewall and keywords, 1G and 10G packet capture appliances and distributed packet capture to meet your network monitoring, troubleshooting, debugging and recording needs. LateralAccessDevice is a new software product for access control and monitoring and more, featuring our Lateral Firewall and LateralDNS technologies.

Network Management. With monitoring, capture and control.


  • 48 TB appliance; 2 x 10GBASE-SR/LR + 4 x RJ-45 Ethernet
  • Real-time network monitor with packet capture, firewall and keywords.
  • Up to 10,000 rules with real-time alerts.
  • Real-time signature matching with full payload keyword search.
  • With Lateral Firewall Technology

Four-in-One Network Monitor for monitoring, troubleshooting, recording, visualizing, investigating and controlling network activity. Sophisticated triggers and action switches dynamically adjust PCAP and firewall performance according to user-specified conditions and/or generate email alerts. Learn more »


  • Multi-dimensional firewalling.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Access control with scheduling.
  • Packet capture.
  • With Lateral Firewall and LateralDNS Technologies

LateralAccessDevice is software that turns a computer chassis into a high-performance, multi-purpose Internet / network tool that combines multi-dimensional firewalling, network monitoring, access control, packet capture, DNS, NAT and a host of other applications into one easy to use, integrated, high-security package. Learn more »

Lateral Data Processing for Distributed Packet Capture

  • Up to 100,000TB aggregate storage capacity.
  • Terabit data processing.
  • 10G to 40G packet capture.
  • Scalable storage and processing speed.
  • Reports, graphs, aggregate statistics.

For customers whose storage needs (and necessarily processing needs) are in excess of 100TB, a distributed approach using our Lateral Data Processing system provides the power and capacity they need with multiple chassis working in concert to achieve a common goal. Learn more »

Packet Capture Appliances. 1 Gbps & 10 Gbps models.


Versatile 3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet network tap with built-in 24TB storage, bypass switch and GPS provides wirespeed deep packet capture at up to 10 Gbps for the long term. Multipurpose high-speed capture-to-disk with on-the-fly packet indexing for data network management, monitoring, auditing and diagnostics. Learn more »


10-Gbps fiber network appliance captures raw network data off the wire in full, for improved network monitoring and visibility. High performance capture with GPS-time synchronized timestamping, bypass (failover passthrough) and secure management. Learn more »


The USC10M2 is a 48TB, 10Gbps, 6,000,000 packets per second appliance for continuous 24/7 network monitoring. Emphasizing performance and ease of use, the USC10M2 allows businesses and other organizations to reliably capture and retain volatile network data. Learn more »


  • 48 TB recording capacity
  • 2 x 10GBASE-SR + 4 x 1 GbE
  • 8 Gbps minimum sustained capture speed
  • Automatic / manual bypass; GPS time synchronization and ultra-precise timestamping
  • Continuous packet capture with integrated security features
  • Electronically undetectable; encrypted storage; rack-mountable
  • Redundant power inputs: standard AC, 12V SLA battery and general purpose 12V DC

The USC10M3 is a 48TB, 10Gbps, 6,000,000 packets per second appliance for continuous 24/7 network monitoring with redundant power capabilities. Learn more »


Universal appliance for network monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging. Automatic/manual bypass allows traffic to traverse the appliance even when the appliance is powered off. GPS time synchronization ensures accurate timestamping to 1/1,000,000 of a second. Learn more »

Indexing Servers

Indexing Big Data

Monitoring todayís high-speed networks necessitates handling large amounts of network traffic data. As networks continue to grow in speed and size, indexing big data becomes imperative if a network operator or network forensics investigator is to make any sense of network packet capture data… Learn more »

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