IPCopper Network Monitoring, Packet Capture & Analytics Products

IPCopper offers several products for monitoring, analyzing and capturing your network's activity, including four-in-one network monitors with real-time monitoring, packet capture, firewall and keywords and 1G and 10G packet capture appliances to meet your network monitoring, troubleshooting, debugging and recording needs.

Lateral Data Processing for Distributed Packet Capture

Network Monitors. 4-in-1 appliances.


  • 48 TB capacity; 2 x 10GBASE-SR/LR + 4 x RJ-45 Ethernet
  • Real-time network monitor with packet capture, firewall and keywords.
  • Up to 10,000 rules with real-time alerts.
  • Real-time signature matching with full payload keyword search.
  • Lateral Firewall Technology

Four-in-One Network Monitor for monitoring, troubleshooting, recording, visualizing, investigating and controlling network activity. Sophisticated triggers and action switches dynamically adjust PCAP and firewall performance according to user-specified conditions and/or generate email alerts. Learn more »

Packet Capture Appliances: 1 Gbps & 10 Gbps models.


Versatile 3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet network tap with built-in 24TB storage, bypass switch and GPS provides wirespeed deep packet capture at up to 10 Gbps for the long term. Multipurpose high-speed capture-to-disk with on-the-fly packet indexing for data network management, monitoring, auditing and diagnostics. Learn more »


10-Gbps fiber network appliance captures raw network data off the wire in full, for improved network monitoring and visibility. High performance capture with GPS-time synchronized timestamping, bypass (failover passthrough) and secure management. Learn more »


The USC10M2 is a 48TB, 10Gbps, 6,000,000 packets per second appliance for continuous 24/7 network monitoring. Emphasizing performance and ease of use, the USC10M2 allows businesses and other organizations to reliably capture and retain volatile network data. Learn more »


  • 48 TB recording capacity
  • 2 x 10GBASE-SR + 4 x 1 GbE
  • 8 Gbps minimum sustained capture speed
  • Automatic / manual bypass; GPS time synchronization and ultra-precise timestamping
  • Continuous packet capture with integrated security features
  • Electronically undetectable; encrypted storage; rack-mountable
  • Redundant power inputs: standard AC, 12V SLA battery and general purpose 12V DC

The USC10M3 is a 48TB, 10Gbps, 6,000,000 packets per second appliance for continuous 24/7 network monitoring with redundant power capabilities. Learn more »


Universal appliance for network monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging. Automatic/manual bypass allows traffic to traverse the appliance even when the appliance is powered off. GPS time synchronization ensures accurate timestamping to 1/1,000,000 of a second. Learn more »

Indexing Servers

Indexing Big Data

Monitoring todayís high-speed networks necessitates handling large amounts of network traffic data. As networks continue to grow in speed and size, indexing big data becomes imperative if a network operator or network forensics investigator is to make any sense of network packet capture data… Learn more »

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