Hackers Target Your Computer

Though they grab the headlines, hack attacks aimed at specific organizations are by far the minority. The majority of hacks are broad-based, indiscriminate probes of any and all computers connected to the internet. Every computer is a target.

Many mistakenly assume that their computer networks would not interest a hacker because of their size or industry. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, smaller businesses are increasingly becoming targets of hack attacks, in part because they are the "lower hanging fruit" with smaller IT budgets and less personnel focused on data and network security.

Hijacked computers can be just as lucrative as stolen data, if only for their raw computing power and internet connections. Any hijacked computer is a potentially valuable addition to the hackers' stables of zombie computers and botnets. Once compromised, hackers use hijacked computers to send out spam and emails containing viruses and other malware, disseminate illicit materials or take part in hacking campaigns against other computer networks.

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