Web Logging of Servers, Applications and Other Network Devices

In addition to its many other possible uses, the USC8032 can log the activities of email servers and web servers, along with other network connected devices and applications. Unlike a traditional weblogger, with the USC8032 you can log the entire activity of a web server by identifying the serverís IP address or MAC addresses and storing all communications to and from the server in full, both packet headers and packet payloads.

Step 1. Identify the IP addresses or MAC addresses of the server, application or other network device whose activity you would like to log.

Step 2. Create individual virtual data bucket(s) for each server, application or device.

Step 3. Create rules to identify each IP address or MAC address, both as a packetís source IP / MAC address and destination IP / MAC address and associate the rule(s) with the individual bucket(s).

Step 4. Enable packet recording for each bucket.

In addition to logging web traffic, the bucket and rule structure could also be used to generate alerts, for example, if the volume of logged web traffic rises above or falls below a certain level, or if packets arrive from specific IP addresses or other parameters.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the USC8032.

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