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Server-authenticated data retrieval is not recommended for new deployments, but is available for past customer's compatibility purposes. For more information, please see data retrieval methods. By default, server-authenticated data retrieval is disabled on the USC2030 and USC4060, and on USC1030 models using firmware versions 2.01 or later (previous USC1030 firmware versions have server-authenticated data retrieval enabled by default). Server-authenticated data retrieval may be enabled/disabled via the unit's utility.

Getting Started: Add IPCopper Unit to Your Online Account

1. Before retrieving any information from your IPCopper unit, you will first need to register your unit. If you have previously registered an IPCopper packet capture appliance and need to register a second unit, simply log in to your online profile to add it to your profile.

2. If you have not previously added a unit to your profile, the screen at right will automatically appear when you log into your account.

3. Toggle your IPCopper unit into retrieve mode using the button on the front panel, then find the 9-digit code starting with IPC printed on the "Void if Tampered" sticker on your IPCopper unit. Enter this code into the field, then click on "Add IPCopper".

4. After you click on "Add IPCopper" you will be prompted to switch your unit out of retrieve mode to complete the process. When your unit has been successfully added to your profile, the IPCopper Basic Interface will appear.