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Support: Data Retrieval

Retrieving data from IPCopper is as easy as selecting a date and time. Data downloads to your workstation into PCAP-formatted files for backup or analysis with PCAP-capable utilities. Data is sent directly to the user's computer, in PCAP format. It is not necessary to take your IPCopper unit offline in order to retrieve data; the units continue to pass traffic and capture packets during data retrieval, though they may slow down the data retrieval to maintain packet capture operations, if necessary.

Direct-connect is the preferred method for data retrieval. Server-authenticated data retrieval is an option available for select models, offered for past customer's compatibility purposes. By default, server-authenticated data retrieval is disabled on the USC2030 and USC4060. Server-authenticated data retrieval is disabled by default for USC1030 models using utility firmware version 2.01 and later. USC1030 utility firmware prior to version 2.01 have server-authenticated data retrieval enabled by default. Server-authenticated data retrieval may be enabled / disabled via the USC1030, USC2030 and USC4060 utilities. For more information, please refer to your unit's product manual.

Direct-Connect Data Retrieval

Use the Windows-based utility provided with your IPCopper unit to directly connect to your IPCopper unit and download PCAP-formated data to your computer. When using the direct-connect utility, communications take place between IPCopper and your computer, with no intermediaries. When using the Windows-based utility, IPCopper will keep the only log of the data-retrieval requests. The communication link between your computer and the IPCopper unit is encrypted.

If your IPCopper unit is used in a closed network (i.e., has no access to the public internet), you must use the direct-connect utility.

Users who use the direct-connect utility to retrieve data from their IPCopper units do not need to register their IPCopper units with our server. For more information on the direct-connect utility, please consult the instructions that came with your IPCopper packet capture appliance.

Server-Authenticated Data Retrieval

Not recommended for new deployments. Server-authenticated data retrieval is an option available for past customer's compatibility purposes and for situations where using the direct-connect method is not practical.

To use the server-authenticated data retrieval system, you must first register your IPCopper packet capture appliance. The registration process involves voice verification over the phone, so you will want to be near a telephone when doing this.

After you have registered your IPCopper packet capture appliance, login and go to the Settings menu to change your temporary login and password to a permanent ones of your choosing. Please follow the links below for more information on using the interface for server-authenticated data retrieval.

Optional Online GUI

An optional graphical user interface is available online to browse packets. The GUI may also be used to generate a limited number of reports. The links below explain a few of the features of the optional GUI.