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Retrieving Data From IPCopper Units

Each IPCopper unit comes with its own Windows-based command-line utility for data retrieval and status checks. These utilities also function within Windows emulators. Using patent-pending proprietary technology, the command-line utility retrieves information from your IPCopper unit in PCAP format via an encrypted connection.

The command-line utility may be used to access the unit via intranet and internet. When connecting remotely via the internet, it may be necessary to change the settings of your firewall, depending on where the unit is located. For more information on ways to access the unit using its command-line utility, please consult the instructions that came with your unit's command-line utility .

While using the command-line utility, the IPCopper unit will continue to receive, record and pass IP/Ethernet traffic as normal.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about data retrieval and the utility:

Is it necessary to press the retrieve button on the front panel in order to access the unit using the utility?

Yes. For your convenience, there is an indicator light on the front panel to alert you whether the unit is in retrieve mode. Once in retrieve mode, the unit will remain in retrieve mode either until the RET button is pressed again or the unit is restarted. Retrieve mode does not affect the normal operation of the unit — the unit will continue to receive, record and pass traffic as normal.

Can we have a unit that is always in the retrieve mode?

Yes, please contact us to request this firmware change for your purchase. We also offer many other custom features.

What protocol does the utility use to communicate with the unit?

It relies on IP protocol, specifically, UDP and TCP.

Are the communications between the utility and the IPCopper unit encrypted?


Can the communications between the utility and the unit traverse a firewall?


Does the IPCopper unit remain electronically invisible while in retrieve mode (and communicating with the utility)?


If I have multiple IPCopper units, can I use the same utility to access all of them?

No, each utility is mated to a specific unit and they cannot be used interchangeably.

What do I need to be able to access the IPCopper unit, if the unit is connected directly to the internet?

The IP address of the network where the unit is located, the command-line utility that came with the unit you intend to access and the IPCopper unit needs to be in retrieve mode.

How do I connect to a unit that is on a SPAN port?

All IPCopper units have at least two ports. You would connect one of the ports to the SPAN port and the second port would be used for the utility to communicate with the unit.

I see references to server authentication? What does that mean?

Server-authentication was a retrieval method offered on the previous generation of IPCopper units (ITR1000 and ITR2000), where you would initiate a connection to our server through the IPCopper unit to gain permission to access the unit. This method of access has been phased out and is only available on request. Please visit our GUI support page for more information or if you have an ITR1000 or ITR2000 unit.

Can IPCopper's server contact or download information from IPCopper units?



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