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IPCopper ITR2000 Packet Capture Appliance

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IPCopper ITR2000

(discontinued — see the IPCopper USC4060)

Turnkey network appliance for continous packet capture

The IPCopper ITR2000 is a standalone, turnkey, Ethernet/IP continuous capture appliance featuring 2000GB recording capacity and 1Gbps recording speed. The ITR2000 network recorder is designed for quick and convenient deployment: truly no configuration is required - simply connect power and Ethernet cables and it is ready to go, connected as either a tap or pass-through. When connected as a pass-through, IPCopper introduces less than 1ms (<0.001 sec) of latency. IPCopper operates under a cloak of electronic invisibility, requiring neither an IP address nor MAC address. For security, all recorded data is encrypted using a 20,000bit external key.

Downloading the recorded data from IPCopper is easy, fast and convenient: simply open the IPCopper interface in a web browser, select the desired date and time range and click on “pcap”. You will immediately receive a PCAP file of the information requested, which you can use with your favorite packet analysis tool, such as Wireshark.


The IPCopper ITR2000 records web browsing sessions, emails, IM chats, FTP sessions and all other Ethernet-based transmission, communication or command. It is ideal for:

  • Giving network engineers immediate visibility into network activity without any lengthy or costly network reconfigurations or upgrades.
  • Detecting and preventing electronic theft, unauthorized data / network access and virus, spyware and malware infestations.
  • Making a carbon copy of e-mails and other electronic communications.
  • Logging access and transmissions to and from data servers, file servers, credit card servers or other databases.
  • Monitoring the internet use and network activities of employees.
  • Identifying and troubleshooting network problems; benchmarking servers and networking equipment.
  • Recording data for network forensics applications, such as incident response operations and policy compliance investigations.


  • Captures internet and network traffic at speeds up to 1Gbps.
  • Plug-and-play operation makes installation a breeze — setup is as easy as connecting two Ethernet cables and a power cord. Quick and simple installation reduces costs and saves time.
  • Extremely limited maintenance.
  • Continuous packet capture and recording, 24/7/365. As long as the unit has power, it will capture and record all packets that pass through, in either direction, until full.
  • Review current and historical data at any time. IPCopper reliably records and retains the traffic data from the time of installation onward.
  • Stealthy operation hides IPCopper's presence from electronic snoopers. The ITR2000 does not announce itself on the network or require an IP address.
  • Flash-based utility with graphical user interface for checking the device’s status and downloading data in PCAP format* to your local machine, directly from IPCopper.
  • 20Kbit key and encrypted storage safeguard your recorded data (see more on data security below).
  • Operates both as pass-through (inline) or network tap (mirrored port) device.
  • API for software developers to create custom data analysis and threat detection tools.
  • Optional cloud services for browsing and analyzing data.


  • Based on Intel Dual core processor
  • 2xRJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 2000GB onboard storage
  • Recording speed: 1Gbit/sec (peak); Min. sustained: 150Mbit/sec
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP, ARP and other Ethernet-based protocols
  • Dual encryption using 20Kbit key
  • Removable, external encryption key
  • Pass-through or tap

Data Security

To secure your recorded data, the ITR2000 incorporates unique security features.

  • Recorded data saved with 20Kbit encryption and “mated” to the device’s hard drive.
  • The ITR2000 does not announce itself on your network, neither acquiring an IP address nor broadcasting a MAC address.
  • Invisible, stealthy operation hides the ITR2000’s presence on your network.
  • The device records and passes on IP packets and internet transmissions without altering netflow or affecting network speed in any detectable fashion.

Unlike a video surveillance system, IPCopper has no blind spots. Should an unauthorized entity access your data from the outside or a rogue employee transmit sensitive data from the inside, IPCopper internet traffic recorders provide you with all the details.

*PCAP format is compatible with IP packet analyzers and utilities such as
Wireshark, tcpdump, Snort, ngrep, Nmap and McAfee threat detection products.

IPCopper: Achieving Data Security through Knowledge