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Download Data from IPCopper to PCAP

Downloading data from your IPCopper packet capture appliance is simple. Log in to your IPCopper profile, input the desired data range, click on "PCAP" and it extracts packet data from IPCopper into a PCAP file on your local machine using your local area connection to IPCopper. This PCAP formatted file can then be used with your preferred network and packet analysis tools or saved as a backup copy.

What is "PCAP"?

PCAP, short for Packet CAPture, is a protocol developed for recording and analyzing captured IP packets. PCAP-based utilities and tools are generally designed for network troubleshooting, breach and threat detection, ip traffic analysis and network forensics. A number of packet analysis programs and utilities use the PCAP file format, including Wireshark, tcpdump, Snort, ngrep, Nmap and McAfee threat detection products.

Professionals in network forensics find the PCAP format quite useful, in part due to its short header which incorporates time stamps to the degree of one-millionth of a second.

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