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IPCopper for Individuals

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IPCopper for Individuals

IPCopper is an innovative packet capture appliance providing home users with (cyber) peace of mind, along with a host of practical uses. It is a reliable internet monitoring tool with enough storage capacity to create an exact copy of all internet activity for years. Everybody can easily use our friendly graphic interface for generating reports and looking at the recorded data.

Quick and Easy Installation

IPCopper functions automatically and is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and everything in between. Installation is a breeze: connect two Ethernet cables, a power cord and you are ready to go. Neither configuration nor additional equipment is required. Simply place IPCopper inline on any Ethernet cable and it begins recording at Gigabit speeds as soon as it boots up. IPCopper does not slow down, change or in any way interfere with your internet traffic, all the while providing 24/7 network visibility.

Multitasking Device

IPCopper excels at internet monitoring, recording all activity without interruption, including all inbound and outbound computer communications. At home you can use IPCopper for a variety of purposes:

  • Detect virus and malware infestations, as well as other suspicious activity
  • Prepare for certification in networking
  • Check connection / VoIP call quality and QoS when telecommuting
  • Keep an eye on what your kids do online
  • Learn (or help your kids learn) how Internet Protocol and networking work

Should your home computer become hijacked and used as a zombie computer to send spam or distribute illegal content (unfortunately, it happens), IPCopper will show you. Concerned that you kids visit “bad neighborhoods” on the internet when you aren’t home? Just check the recorded information on IPCopper. Were account passwords or other sensitive data taken from your computer? IPCopper will have a record of when and how it was done. Also, at only 8lbs, IPCopper units are extremely portable, allowing you to use it to conduct contractual IT and networking projects in the field.

Smart Technology

Our packet capture appliances are state of the art modern devices designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of capturing packets. This optimization delivers unparalleled performance with a low cost and high reliability. Compare IPCopper to the competition for yourself.

IPCopper does not announce its presence to your router or computer, instead operating stealthily on your connection, which protects it from remote tampering or interference. Rest assured that IPCopper works undetectably to would-be intruders, and remains uncircumventable.

Nationwide Support Network

With IPCopper, you are not alone. If you find anything suspicious, our nationwide network of IT professionals can help you solve virus and malware problems, as well as troubleshoot networking issues.

IPCopper: Achieving Data Security through Knowledge