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IPCopper for Business

IPCopper is an industry-leading, packet capture appliance. It is a practical network monitoring tool ideally suited for widespread deployment on networks large and small, with enough storage capacity to capture and record an entire office’s IP activity for months and years. IPCopper keeps your network under 24 / 7 surveillance, giving you a complete, accurate historical record of its IP traffic, recording IP packets travelling both in and out.

With IPCopper you are not alone. Our nationwide network of IT professionals can help you solve network and cyber-security problems and recover from security breaches.

Innovative Techology

Our packet capture appliances are state of the art modern devices designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of capturing packets. This optimization delivers unparalleled performance with a low cost and high reliability. Compare IPCopper to the competition for yourself.

A first-of-its-kind “stealthy” profile both hides IPCopper from would-be snoopers and protects it from remote tampering. IPCopper operates seamlessly on your network with neither an IP address nor a MAC address, keeping it electronically invisible, safe and secure. Rest assured that IPCopper operates undetectably by would-be intruders, and remains uncircumventable.


IPCopper is a versatile tool with which to fulfill a number of network tasks, from crucial to mundane. It captures all packets that pass through, including those related to emails, instant messaging, web browsing, VoIP calls, FTP transfers and so on. In addition to deployment as part of a cyber-security strategy, utilize IPCopper to:

  • Troubleshoot network packet loss and latency
  • Investigate VoIP call quality
  • Diagnose virus and malware infestations
  • Detect improper network and internet usage
  • Conduct forensic analysis in case of a data breach
  • Substantiate claims of electronic misconduct

Ease of Use

IPCopper functions automatically. Installation is as easy as connecting the cables and powering up the unit. No network changes or configuration nor additional equipment is required for full deployment. Simply place IPCopper inline on any Ethernet cable and it begins recording at up to 1 gigabit speeds as soon as it boots up. IPCopper does not slow down, change or in any way interfere with your Ethernet traffic, all the while providing 24/7 netflow visibility.

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